País: Colômbia

Ano: 2012

Duração: 10:07 min

A homemade raft (which holds only one person at the time) moves across unlikely landscapes and large bodies of water. Using only this float, a performer moves through lakes, rivers and oceans in 7 countries while referencing migratory paths and makeshift strategies for border crossing. This series explores notions of nationhood as a form of contemporary confinement, while setting in motion our relationship with citizenship, trans-nationality, and ideals of belonging.

País: Colômbia


Duração: 03:11 min

Re-thinking the world's geography
10 Countries, one world.

(Note: the compression, pixelation and video noise of this fragment was intentionally added, in order to protect the piece from unauthorized use.)

País: Colômbia


Duração: 03:24 min



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VIDEOARTE - Felipe Castelblanco