País: Paraguai

Ano: 2009

Duração: 00:55 min

Chololò 2009
asuncion paraguay

País: Paraguai


Duração: 02:10 min

video editing / Angelo Carmisciano

País: Paraguai


Duração: 00:24 min

A reflection on a theme certainly complex but highly relevant, that of the "boat people", migrants fleeing by sea from poverty by means of luck.

For centuries the Grand Tour destination for travelers from all over Europe, Sicily is now dramatically on this news pages on landings of other foreigners, illegal immigrants often find death in the waters of the sea. The title of the exhibition "Hotel One" (Hotel foreigners) alludes with bitter irony in less pleasant places, ie the CDA, reception centers such as Lampedusa, and at the same time fixed the attention of those foreigners who have long living in Sicily and which form a lively international art community.

The artists invited to offer their thoughts on the subject, through approximately forty works ranging from video installation, sculpture, fiber art, object art and photography, are: Philippe Berson (France), Anne-Clémence de Grolée (France ), Martin Emschermann (Germany), Juan Esperanza (Mexico), Anna Guillot (Italy / France), Yvonne Kohler (United Kingdom), Hilde Margani Escher (Germany), Nelida Mendoza (Paraguay).How do you explain Giusi Diana in the text of the presentation: "The Hotel des Etrangers" (Hotel foreigners) that gives the exhibition its title, on the one hand, with bitter irony refers to the reception centers for illegal immigrants, on the other recalls the long tradition of hospitality and warmth of the island. place of asylum, after a long journey; ideal retreat from the danger averted, the starting point for new discoveries, the Hotel imaginary houses eight foreign artists who have lived for years in Sicily and whose works make us rediscover, thanks to novel suggestions, the dramatic reality of migrants.The exhibition is realized in collaboration with Museum, Observatory of contemporary art in Sicily and the Association of Art Clouds Dating Palermo is accompanied by a catalog with an essay by the curator, the editions of Ezio Pagano Bagheria.


Hotel des Etranger from the Grand Tour to Sheltersby Diana Giusi in collaboration with A. Gagliardo & M.H. Bertino - MalastradaFilms


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