Funk Staden

País: Brasil

Ano: 2007

Duração: 02:26 min

Detail of "Funk Staden" video installation. Dias & Riedweg collaborated with Funk dancers in favelas of Rio de Janeiro to establish through this work a connection between the scene of Funk Carioca (Portuguese for "Funk from Rio de Janeiro") and the book "True Story and Description of a Country of Wild, Naked, Grim, Man-eating People in the New World", by Hans Staden (1527-1578). The work shows how the representation of the other in the early days of interactions between Europeans and indigenous tribes from the New World probably differs not that much from how nowadays media, in a modern way, use their authority to marginalise certain groups from society to the benefit of political or industrial powers. The artists oppose this mediated view of the other by focusing on a contemporary phenomenon that is taking place inside the favelas of Rio de Janeiro and up until now largely has remained hidden from outside views, and by inviting the Funk dancers to re-enact nine of the original woodcuts from Staden's book as contemporary tableaux vivants 'Funk style'.

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